Ways to Say Good Luck Before a Horse Race

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Wish someone good luck before a horse race, including if he's a first-time jockey, the owner of one of the animals or simple a spectator hoping her favourite horse wins. These well-wishes don't have to be elaborate. Instead, just create a small way of showing that you're thinking about the person before the event.

Card or Picture

Say "good luck" before a horse race by expressing your well-wishes in a handwritten card or homemade picture. This gift will not only share your sentiments, but also create a special keepsake for the person who needs some good fortune. Find a card that features a horse, or draw one yourself. You might also sketch a picture of the favoured horse depicted winning the race. On either gift, write a message that wishes the person luck and shares any other positive feelings you have about the upcoming race.

Play-on-Words Gifts

Wish a person good luck before a horse race by creating a gift that's a play-on-words. Buy a bottle of root beer to show that you're "rooting" for the person. Adorn it with your own label by drawing one on a piece of paper, wrapping it around the bottle and taping or gluing it in place. On this label, include a name for the drink such as "First Place Pop." Also, include a slogan that incorporates your blessings, such as "The root beer that's always rooting for you."

Good Luck Charms

Give someone a lucky charm before a horse race to wish him luck. Classic charms include four-leaf clovers and rabbit's feet. Before the horse race, give the person you want to wish-well a lucky horse shoe. This might be an actual piece of metal used on the very horse that will be racing, or a smaller token such as a horseshoe-shaped charm for a necklace.

A Quick Message

Nothing says "good luck" better than quick message from you to the person needing the well-wishes. Find a quiet time prior to the race, before the action starts and the person isn't busy, to pull him aside. Look him in the eyes and tell him that you wish him good luck, and say any other positive messages you want to share before the event. This sentiment can also be communicated via a text message or a hidden note slipped in a pocket.

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