Good Valentine's Day Gifts for a Boyfriend

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Valentine's Day doesn't have to be only about showering women with gifts of love. Surprise your boyfriend by giving him a meaningful gift as well. Pick a gift that suits the seriousness of your relationship. Whether the gift is handmade or store-bought, your boyfriend is sure to be moved by your kindness.

Reasons I Love You

Use a handmade book to tell your boyfriend how much you love him on Valentine's Day. This sentimental gift comes from the heart and reveals details of your relationship. Write one reason that you love your boyfriend on each page of the book. Add personal photos of you and your boyfriend or hand-drawn illustrations. Write as many reasons as possible based on your boyfriend's physical features, personality traits, inside jokes or specific memories you have shared.

Jar of Love

Give your boyfriend a jar of love filled with personalised love messages for a Valentine's Day gift. Fill an empty food, candy or decorative jar with small pieces of paper. Each piece of paper should have a short love message written or typed on it. Write things you love about your boyfriend, favourite memories you have or love quotes that reflect your feelings. The messages you write could be similar to the phrases that you see on conversation heart candies also. Tell your boyfriend to open up one message from the jar each day until it is empty.

Message in a Bottle

Declare your love to your boyfriend in the form of a love letter or poem. Give this declaration of love to your boyfriend as a Valentine's Day gift. It can be given in a decorative fashion when rolled up and placed inside of a bottle. This message in a bottle gift can be held in a wine bottle or decorative bottle from a craft store. If you choose to use a wine bottle, it could be a bottle that you shared on a special occasion.

Edible Treats

If you believe in the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then a Valentine's Day gift of edible treats is the gift for your boyfriend. Purchase a box of chocolates or decadent candies at a sweetshop or grocery store. If you want to impress him with your baking skills, make your boyfriend homemade desserts like brownies, cookies, cupcakes or a cake. Take his taste preferences into consideration when selecting which type of food to purchase or make.