Easy Craft Fair Items to Make

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Whether you're donating to a craft fair for a civic group or a place of worship, or making items to sell to earn a small profit for yourself, having a few items that are quick and easy to make helps fill the tables. Keeping these items inexpensive also makes for a larger profit margin.

Canning Jars

Canning jars offer several opportunities for quick crafts. For the artistic, painting a simple design on the outside of the jar and placing a votive candle inside makes a creative offering. Canning jars filled with all the dry ingredients for a baked good or a soup, a colourful ribbon cinched around the lid with the recipe attached, are finished in minutes.


Quick and easy, brooches lend themselves to a variety of different craft formats simply by using a pin back. Gathered rickrack with a button sewn in the centre, or circles of cloth with a gathering stitch and a button in the centre, make floral brooches in minutes. Plastic canvas refrigerator magnets turn into a brooch in no time. Silk flowers, miniatures, pre-cut wood shapes painted by you, and clusters of unique buttons also make quick brooches.


Purchasing some thin, flat cork provides you with limitless possibilities. Use stencils to cut the cork into any variety of shapes, including fruits, vegetables, fall leaves, pine cones or beach balls. Any shape works, as long as it is large enough to set a glass on. A little paint, some acrylic spray and the coasters are complete.