How to cut feather bangs

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Unlike the rest of your hair, which falls back from your head, your fringe hang forward in your face, framing it and giving your hairstyle a particular energy and feel. Feather fringe add texture and fluffiness to female hairstyles that feel too flat or give a spiky vigorous edge to male haircuts that look too clean cut. To feather your own fringe, you need to have a steady hand, light touch and a bit of patience, as getting the technique just right may take some practice.

Wash your hair with shampoo to remove oil and residue. Dry your hair with a towel until it is lightly damp.

Comb your fringe forward onto your forehead. If your hair is long or you don't have fringe, comb the first inch of your hair forward and straight down in front of your face so you can easily see the tips.

Pull the hair up and away from your face. Hold the tips of your hair steady with a comb. For short hair, feather half an inch of hair. For chin length hair, feather at least 3 inches and for long hairstyles, feather 6 to 10 inches of hair.

Make small vertical cuts into your hair with the scissors. Start by cutting a little bit of hair at a time and move across your fringe making sure to feather the fringe evenly. Leave shorter strands next to longer strands to create the feathered look.

Comb your fringe up and cut vertically again to even out the fringe.

Comb the fringe forward. Shake them with your fingers to remove remaining cut hairs.

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