How to Make a Gryphon Costume

A griffin is a mythical creature that has the head, wings and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion. They were said to be the guardians of vast treasure troves, and their talons were said to have medicinal properties. Because the griffin is an amalgamation of two creatures, it makes an interesting costume for Halloween or for a class presentation.

Purchase a lion costume at a costume store or find one at a vintage or thrift shop. This will form the basis of the griffin costume. Find one that has the lion's tail attached, since this is an important part of the overall look.

Buy five or six brown and black feather boas; these will become the griffin's feathers.

Glue a few of the feather boas to the top half of the lion costume; you can cut the feather boas into sections or wrap them around the lion costume when gluing them.

Draw wing templates on pieces of cardboard and cut them out. Punch holes along the sides of the wings and thread them with yarn or string; this will allow you to tie the wings to your arms.

Glue the remaining feather boas to the wings. This will create the feathered, eagle portion; the lion's body can remain as is.

Complete the look with a beaked mask. You can use gold spray paint on the mask to make it look realistic.

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