How to make 30th birthday survival kits

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Birthday survival kits are fun to make, fun to give and fun to receive. Anyone can prepare a survival kit and the things you include are limited only by your imagination. Survival kits can be as extravagant or as simple as you would like.

The nice thing about survival kits aside from the humour and sentiment is that they let the recipient know that you care enough about them to put together a gift requiring your time, effort and thought.

Find something festive to assemble your survival kit in such as a colourful gift bag, basket or decorative box.

Purchase or locate appropriate items to put in the survival kit. Examples and their sentiments might include:

Rubber band -- to help you be flexible.

Plaster -- to help with hurt feelings and life's boo boos.

Sweets -- so that every day can be as sweet as you are.

Shot glass -- so you can call the shots.

Pasta -- So life doesn't pasta you by.

Party horn -- to remind you to toot your own horn once in a while.

Two cupcakes -- so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Marbles -- to replace the ones you have lost and are still going to lose.

Safety pin -- so that you are always safe.

Bottle of wine -- because we all need to wine now and then.

Pennies -- for your thoughts.

Package of wet wipes -- to clean up life's messes.

Starch spray -- to smooth life's wrinkles.

Silly string or silly putty -- to remind you to be silly sometimes.

Lotion, cream or sandpaper -- to keep things smooth along the way.

Eraser -- to erase things and let you get on with life.

"Do Not Disturb" sign -- since you need to put yourself first every now and then.

Rubber gloves -- to help you get a grip.

Bar of soap - so you can wash away troubles.

Scented candle -- so you can stop to smell the flowers.

Assemble the items and put them in the bag, box or basket. You can wrap each item in tissue paper and attach its sentiment individually or if you wish, include a card or sheet that has all of the items listed along with their meanings.