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Instructions on How to Make a Moravian Star Tree Topper

Updated April 17, 2017

A Moravian star is a beautiful, elegant shape that can be used as a tree topper. This is an inexpensive craft project. You can use coloured card stock or old holiday cards with favourite prints or designs. Your tree will show a perfect, delicate touch after you have dressed it with this star.

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  1. Download and print the template of the star point from the resources listed below.

  2. Trace an outline of the template onto each card or piece of card stock. Cut out each shape.

  3. Use a rule to trace in the fold lines. Score these lines for easier folding. To do this, run one edge of scissors along each fold line. Do not slice through the paper.

  4. Fold each card so they make a pyramid shape with three edges. There should be a smaller flap left to fold over. Glue the flap and the other edge together.

  5. Print out the template of the body of the star. Trace it onto card stock and cut it out.

  6. Fold along each fold line. Remember, you can score these as well. Glue to enclose the shape. This step is going to form a 3-D geodesic shape. As you are folding, pay attention to how the shape is coming together. The small flaps on the edges will be glued to each edge without a flap. As you are looking at the finished piece, one edge should be a raised pentagon.

  7. Glue each prong of the star onto the star body. They should fit into the folded edges of the star body.

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Things You'll Need

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Card stock or old holiday cards
  • Black marker
  • Printer

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