Care Guide for Hair Wraps With Embroidery Thread

Hair wraps are the process of taking a small piece of hair and wrapping it in embroidery floss of varying colours, finishing with two to three colourful beads. Embroidery floss hair wraps are especially popular among young girls and are often offered at fairs and carnivals, amusement parks and parties. Hair wraps can last several weeks, depending on how fast your child's hair grows, so the proper care for hair wraps is important. Other than being a little more careful when brushing and playing, hair wrap care is quite simple.


To care for a hair wrap, you will not need any additional supplies. Simply use the same hair care products you typically use. You will need shampoo and conditioner, along with the traditional styling products you use on the rest of your hair. You will also need a ponytail holder and a small barrette or hair clip to secure the hair wrap during brushing or activities. To remove the hair wrap, you simply need a pair of scissors.


Pull the hair wrap back during vigorous activities. The hair wrap can be put in a ponytail with the rest of the hair. If your daughter will be running or bouncing, causing the ponytail to swing, secure the hair with a second ponytail holder at the bottom as well. This will prevent the beaded end of the hair wrap to hit her in the face or eye. The hair wrap will not prevent your daughter from doing any sports or other activities. Swimming with the hair wrap is no problem, as the chlorine will not damage the hair wrap. Simply wash and condition it as usual when you are finished. Just remind young children with a hair wrap not to pull or tug on the wrap; this can cause the embroidery to unravel.

Hair Care

Shampoo and condition the hair wrap as you do the rest of your hair. The embroidery floss is breathable, so the shampoo and conditioner will penetrate the hair underneath as well. The hair wrap will need to be washed regularly, just like the rest of your hair. Brush or comb your hair carefully, pulling the hair wrap away from the brush. Use a small barrette or hair clip to pull the hair wrap away from your face to the top of your hair, so it does not accidentally become tangled in the brush.


Remove the hair wrap by using scissors to cut the knots carefully at the end of each coloured section of embroidery thread. The thread will unravel, revealing the hair below. Use the remaining beads for other crafts or to decorate a scrapbook page with a picture of your daughter in her hair wrap.

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