How to gift wrap a tie

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Ties are a standard gift choice for men. Some ties come in boxes, which are easy to wrap. However, others do not come with a box, which can present a gift-wrapping challenge. You can add some pizazz to an ordinary gift like a tie by using some unique gift-wrapping techniques.

Turn the challenge of wrapping a tie into an opportunity to creatively disguise your gift.

Lay the tie out flat on a clean, flat surface.

Roll the tie beginning at the wider end and ending at the narrower end. Be sure not to wrinkle the tie as you roll.

Slide the tie into a paper towel tube.

Stuff tissue paper into either end of the paper towel tube to keep the tie from sliding around.

Cover the entire tube, including the ends in several layers of tissue paper. Tape the tissue as you go to secure it in place.

Cut a piece of wrapping paper that is big enough to wrap around the tube several times with several inches of paper sticking out from the ends of the tube.

Lay the tube near one of the longer edges of the wrapping paper and tape the paper to the tube.

Roll the wrapping paper around the tube several times and secure it with several pieces of tape along the length of the tube.

Twist the ends of the paper that are sticking out from either end of the tube.

Tie a curling ribbon in a knot around each twisted end to secure the twists in place.

Hold the ends of the curling ribbon between your thumb and the edge of a scissors blade and pull outward to curl the ribbons.