How to Trace a Person's Address History

One of the most efficient strategies for finding information about a person is to trace his address history. An address history serves as the basis for acquiring knowledge regarding background, assets, criminal history and work history.

Go through the white pages of your local telephone directory and look up the person's name. If the person has a maiden name you know of, look that up as well. If you do not find the person's name in the telephone directory, you will need to call directory assistance or 4-1-1 in the hometown of that person and ask for his address. The first address that arises indicates the last or latest address of the person.

Find the person's second address. Get online and type the person's name and latest address in the search bar. This generates a list of choices, one of which could be a blog or a school the person attended. Click on this link and it will bring up some school information, and the second address.

Call information or 4-1-1 in the state of the second address. Give the operator assistance representative the name and the second address of the person and tell the representative that you don't want this new address, you want his old address. Most likely, the database of the representative will generate an older address which you can then take down.

Type the person's social security number into the search engine of a website dedicated to finding people's archaic records. These websites list all addresses of people, from their first to their last. This will probably entail a small fee which you can pay using your credit card.

Hire a detective to search for addresses of people whose database on the computer comes out blank. This sometimes occurs with people who live in rural areas. People in rural regions may have less information available online, but a plethora of information should be available in local government record offices, and even at local restaurants. Small towns have close-knit populations that tend to know local histories---including address histories.

Type the person's social security number or credit card number in the search engine of accredited websites that specialise in finding address histories. Depending on the category you decide to purchase, you will gain access to an in-depth address-history database.

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