How to Make a Glinda the Good Witch Costume

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? If you want to be the classic good witch on Halloween, make your own Glinda the Good Witch costume using thrift store and craft store finds. This costume can be adapted for a child or an adult, and won't cost too much money to make. You'll be following the yellow brick road to trick or treat heaven in no time.

Shop for a dress. Glinda's dress is bubblegum pink and has a very full skirt and huge, puffy sleeves. Try to find as many of these elements in one dress as you can, but understand that for a low-cost costume you may have to sacrifice one element. Thrift stores are ideal places to shop for Halloween costumes, but you may have to shop at a few stores before you find what you need. Look in the formal gown section and try to find a prom dress or bridesmaid's gown from the 1980s. You should be able to find a dress with the right amount of "poof" in this section, even if it isn't pink. Your Glinda may have to be purple, peach, or even white (you can always dye white into pink), but you should be able to find the right shape for her dress, which is the most important element.

Add a crown. Make your own crown by bending and twisting metallic chenille stems together. Make a circular base for your crown and then add points to the top. Twist the chenille stems together to attach them, and bend them into triangles for the points. This will give you a low-cost crown that resembles the one Glinda wears.

Make your own wand. Wrap a dowel rod in more metallic chenille stems, and glue into place. Then twist a few chenille stems together into a circular shape for the top of the wand, and wrap them around the base securely.

Add glitter make-up around your eyes and on your cheeks and lips to give you that sparkling Glinda look. Now your costume is complete.

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