How to use a doughnut ring to make a hair bun

Go for an elegant look with your hair in a bun. Perfect for a wedding, dance recital or prom, the bun is a classic 'do. Put your hair in this nice neat style so that it looks like it was done at a hair salon with a doughnut ring. Follow these steps to get your hair looking its best for the occasion.

Pull your hair into a ponytail. Use one hair band to do this. Make sure to place it where you want the bun to be. Take your time and get your hair as smooth and nice as you want it. This is the only time you will be able to play with it other than the ponytail itself.

After the hair is secure in the band, slip the ponytail through the centre of the doughnut ring and push it all the way to the end so that it is touching your head.

With the ring on, take the other hair band in your hand and bend over so that the back of your head is facing the ceiling. Spread the hair of your ponytail around the doughnut ring. This is done by letting the tail fall from the centre out on all sides. Using your fingers, help spread the hair around the doughnut evenly.

Once it is covering the doughnut, hold it in place with one hand while you slip the ponytail holder around the bun, putting the band on the underside next to your head. Twist the band a few times over the bun to tighten it, just like you would for a normal ponytail. Now the bun is almost complete. It is secured to your head and will not be coming down. You can stand up for the next part.

Take the strands of hair sticking out from the underside of the bun and slowly wrap them around the hair band that you just used. As you wrap the hair around, hold it in place by using the hair clips. The bun is complete.

If you have chosen to use the bun hair net, just cover the bun with the net. If it seems big, that is normal. They stretch. Wrap it over the entire bun, twist it around, and then wrap it over it again. Do this several times, and then tuck the excess around the bottom of the bun, securing it with two or three hair clips.