How to Get Hair Like Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne portrays her rocker lifestyle with the help of her funky hairstyle. Sharon has had several hairstyles during her days of being married to the Prince of Darkness, but she was voted Best Hairstyle in 2005. The Best Hairstyle of 2005 is described below, which is a shorter hairstyle.

This style works best for women with medium to thick hair.

Color your hair a ruby plum shade. Sharon's hair has gone from dark red to almost black, but this ruby plum shade gives it shine. This hair color works on a lot of women, considering Sharon was once a blond. If going from a lighter color to the deep ruby plum shade, color may need to be applied more frequently as fading will occur.

Have your hair stylist use a razor after cutting hair to create the chunky hairstyle. Sharon's hair is razored on the top, sides and in her bangs. Sharon also has side-swept bangs to offset her larger forehead. Keep some length in back to create a stacked look.

Use a flat iron on hair to flip it out and create body. Apply pomade to help define the chunkiness of the cut. Sharon has long, tapered side burns, which she brushes to her face and tucks pieces behind the ear. After pomade has been applied and hair is styled as desired, finish with hairspray to hold your new funky style.