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How to Use a Pumice Stone When Grooming a Terrier

Updated February 21, 2017

A terrier's coat is as diverse as the number of animals within this dog classification. There are, however, many dogs within the terrier breed, such as the Cairn or Norfolk, that have a wiry, water-resistant coat. The best way to groom this type of coat to maintain its ability to keep out the elements is to strip away the overgrown fur. This means the dead hair is painlessly pulled from the dog's skin, leaving room for new hair to grow in order keep the coat hardened. The best tool to complete this task besides fingers is a pumice stone.

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Brush the dog's hair with a wire brush and comb to remove any loose or matted hair as well as embedded debris.

Hold the pumice stone in hand. Grip the hair to be stripped firmly between the fingers and the pumice stone.

Pull the hair quickly in the direction of growth. This is typically in a downward motion and toward the tail of the dog.

Continue working your way through the terrier's entire coat using the same technique until all loose and over grown hair is stripped from the dog's torso.

Use a stripping knife to pull the hair around the dog's face using the same technique that was used with the pumice stone.

Once the coat is completely stripped, brush it thoroughly. This will remove any additional loose fur.

Bathe the dog using a mild pet shampoo designed for dogs with coarse coats.


The stripping does not hurt the dog as long as the hair is pulled in the direction of growth. It is easiest to strip the hair around the ears with your fingers. To keep the dog in one place during the grooming process, it is best to use a grooming table.

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire comb
  • Wire brush
  • Pumice stone
  • Stripping knife
  • Mild shampoo
  • Bathing tub
  • Grooming table

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