Design an Easter bonnet

Updated April 17, 2017

Get out your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it. Or simply make your own. Easter bonnets are traditionally white with pastel ribbons or flowers, while more nontraditional bonnets range from straw hats to themed hats. With a little imagination, a touch of glue and springtime accessories, you can show off a homemade Easter bonnet.

Bonnet's beginnings

The Easter holiday of today usually involves going on an egg hunt, wearing your finest Sunday clothes and making a dinner to share with your family. Easter actually originated as a pagan festival held each year to commemorate the goddess of springtime, Eastre. In Northern Europe, it was seen as bad luck if you did not wear three new items of clothing during this time. What we view as Easter bonnets today -- with pastel ribbons and fake flowers -- began as wreaths of flowers and leaves.

Straw hat

When making an Easter bonnet, draw the design on a sketchpad. Find printable patterns of Easter characters or stencils of flowers. Use a straw hat that is sturdy and big enough to hold all of your accessories. You will need a hot glue gun, lace, ribbon, artificial flowers, small Easter animals and plastic eggs. For a traditional bonnet, featuring a spring theme, glue on pastel-coloured decorations and attach a ribbon on the bottom to hold the hat securely to your head. For a more whimsical look, create a themed hat with cartoon characters or Easter characters such as bunny rabbits or ducks. Glue on as many accessories as you like to the bonnet.

Cereal box bonnet

Make your Easter bonnet a little out of the ordinary by creating a cereal box hat. You will need an old cereal box, a saucer, a dinner plate, a pen, scissors, masking tape and glue. Cut your cereal box so it is completely open-faced. Put your plate and saucer on the cardboard and draw around them. Cut out the circles 1.3 cm (1/2 inch) farther out from the outlines you just drew. This should give you a little room. Save a 5 cm (2 inch) strip of the cereal box for later use. Put your saucer on the plate cutout near the edge and draw around it. As you cut this, you should notice it will look like a half-moon shape. Next, cut tiny triangular notches in the saucer cutout and into the half-moon cutout in the dinner plate. Spread glue on the fringes of both. Roll the 5 cm (2 inch) strip around your finger so that it bends. Bend the tabs on your saucer shape and slide in your 5 cm (2 inch), pressing the tabs securely. Bend the glue tabs upward on the dinner plate cutout and slide onto the bonnet to make the brim of your hat. Secure it with masking tape. Decorate your bonnet with tissue paper flowers, ribbons and fake Easter eggs.

Paper plate bonnets

Kids can enjoy making a paper plate bonnet with a just a few household items. You will need a paper plate, crayons, markers, construction paper, yarn and glue. Glue pastel-coloured paper and fake flowers on the plate and tie a piece of yarn to the bottom to fit securely under the child's chin. For a different look, try making an Easter bonnet cone. You will need the same materials as the plate bonnet, substituting construction paper for the plate. Decorate the paper with markers and crayons or use spring cutouts from magazines. Glue your cutouts to the construction paper and make the hat by folding the paper in a cone shape and taping it together. Staple a ribbon on each side so you can tie on the hat.

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