Eyelash Perming Procedures

Updated February 21, 2017

An eyelash perm typically lasts eight to 12 weeks and frees you from having to use the eyelash curler everyday. It is a procedure that can be done at home. But it requires such skill, precision and patience that you would do best to entrust it to a salon professional.


Prepare by removing contact lenses as well as eye make-up, using an oil-free make-up remover. The face should be cleaned with warm water to remove excess oil and then dried completely.


The materials that you'll need for perming eyelashes are plastic gloves, round cotton pads, small, medium or large rods, a wooden applicator or tweezers, cotton swabs, perm glue, permanent wave lotion, setting lotion, nourishing lotion, and cleansing lotion.

Rod Size

First, determine what size rod you'd like to use. A small rod is used on short, thin eyelashes or if you want a tight curl. A medium-sized rod is used for an all-around curl and a large rod is used on long and thick lashes and to achieve a looser curl. Curve the rod to fit the shape of the eyelid and trim according to the length of the eyelids.

Perm Glue

Wear plastic gloves to apply perm glue at the base of the eyelashes. Position the rod as close to the eyelashes as possible. Apply perm glue on top of the rod and use a wooden applicator or tweezers to press the lashes on the rod, making sure that the lashes don't overlap.

Perm Lotion

Place a damp cotton pad on the lower lid to prevent the lotion from entering the eyes. Apply the permanent wave lotion by gently dabbing small amounts using a clean cotton swab to the base and middle of the lashes. If lotion gets on the skin, wipe it immediately using a cotton pad to avoid irritation. To allow the perm to set, cover the entire eyelid with a damp cotton pad.

Depending on the thickness of the lashes, the lotion should remain on the eyelashes for eight to 15 minutes. To check if the eyelashes have been permanently curled, you can carefully lift several lashes away from the rod using tweezers to check for a curl. If you see that the lashes are curled, remove all of the permanent wave lotion using a damp cotton pad.

Setting Lotion

Completely remove the perming lotion with a cotton pad moistened with cleansing lotion. Apply the setting lotion to the lashes using a clean cotton swab and cover the entire eyelid with a damp cotton pad. Let it set for the same amount of time as the permanent lotion.

Nourishing Lotion

Remove the setting lotion using a damp cotton pad. Apply the nourishing lotion to the lashes with a clean cotton swab and let it set for five minutes by covering the eyelids with a damp cotton pad.

Removing the Rod

Place a liberal amount of cleansing lotion on a cotton pad to clean the upper part of the rod. Carefully roll the rod downward while the lashes come off the rod. Clean the eye area using a damp cotton pad, then dry using a clean cotton pad. You can then apply a moisturiser to sooth the skin.

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