L'oreal Recital Preference Instructions

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The L'Oreal Group is an international cosmetics and beauty company. Its brands include L'Oreal Paris, which offers a line of Superior Preference hair colour. (The brand is known as Recital Preference in Europe). The hair colour is available in a traditional liquid formula and a creme formula.

You apply the traditional formula to your hair like shampoo.

Open the box of hair colour and put on the plastic gloves provided.

Open the developer liquid (usually a white liquid in the larger, applicator-style bottle) and the gel colourant.

Pour the gel colourant into the developer bottle. Put your finger on the open tip and shake until the gel and liquid mixture is totally blended. The white liquid will have taken on the colour of the colourant gel.

Use the applicator bottle to squeeze the hair colour all over dry, unwashed hair. If you want all-over colour, make sure to cover your hair roots to ends. If you have grey hair, apply the colour to that part of your hair first. Spread the colour through your hair like shampoo, then pile your hair on top of your head and secure it with a barrette or clip.

Let the hair colour set for 25 minutes. (If you have grey in your hair, leave it on for 35 minutes.) Put a little warm water on your hair from the sink or shower and lather like shampoo, then rinse your hair completely. Use the included conditioner to finish the process if you want.