Step-by-Step Hair Up Do's

Updated April 17, 2017

An updo is practically a necessity for weddings, proms and special occasions. But if you immediately head to the salon each time you'd like to wear an updo, you're spending more than you need to. Sure, a hairstylist has undergone professional training, but with a little diligence you can create a salon-worthy updo from home. So pocket your change, pull out your hairstyling tools and learn to create an updo yourself.

Retro Updo

Create a feminine and retro updo by following these simple steps. Start with straight hair and apply a volume boosting mousse. Use a ¾-inch curling iron to curl the bottom half of your hair (start curling below the ears). Begin twisting small sections of two to three curls together to create a chunky ringlet and start pinning at the centre of the head (Imagine a line starting at the top of your left ear extending to the top of your right ear). Mist hair with hairspray and add a vintage jewelled pin or flower to give the updo a feminine and vintage touch.

Wedding Updo

If you're on a limited wedding budget and don't have the funds to hire a professional hairstylist, you're going to have to take a DIY approach to your wedding updo. Start by creating two ponytails in the middle of your head (one on top of the other). Create loops with the hair hanging from each ponytail (it should be shaped like a hair roller) and secure with a hair clip. Next, grab the hair under the loops and extend them toward the opposite side of the head to create a crisscross pattern. Pin the hair, create large loops and pin to secure. Repeat this step until your hair is full of loops and has taken on the appearance of a chic updo. If you have long fringe, make them a seamless part of your updo by pinning them to the side of your head; pinning them at the temple would create a soft and voluminous look. If you have short fringe, simply ease them to the side of your face. Heavily mist hair with hairspray for durability.

Messy Updo

There's no rule that says that an updo has to be fancy. You can create a simple, sexy and messy updo in just minutes that is appropriate for everyday activities. Start with unwashed hair. If you have fine hair or straight hair, add body to your hair by scrunching with hairspray. Tease the section of your hair where you'd like the updo to sit to add a bit of traction so your strands won't slip. Then, twist random strands of hair and secure them to your teased section with a hair clip. Repeat until all loose strands have been added and mist with hairspray to secure.

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