How to Streak Hair With a Comb Evenly

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Do-it-yourself highlighting saves you time and money. Those who lead hectic lifestyles like the idea of giving themselves highlights or streaks in the comfort of their own home. It also saves money for those who cannot afford to go to the salon every month or every other month. Having highlights in your hair adds luminosity and colour to your current hue. Using a comb instead of a highlighting brush makes the process less messy. You should only highlight sections of your hair that will catch the light or accentuate how your hair moves.

Divide washed, damp hair into two sections, top and bottom. Split the top part of your hair into three sections and clip them to the top of your head. Leave the remainder of your hair to hang down.

Mix the contents of your highlighting product into a bowl. Follow directions for properly adding and mixing the ingredients. Verify that the consistency is thick.

Wrap a towel around your shoulders. Dip the brush into the bowl. Paint the brush onto the comb, and scrape or dab off any excess on the side of the bowl. You should only have highlighter in between the comb's teeth.

Pick up a section of hair hanging down on your shoulders. Pinch it between your fingers so that it is at least 1/4 inch wide. Hold the hair straight out with a little tension.

Start the comb from the midshaft of your hair. Hold it flat against your head. Rake through instead of combing it through your hair. Raking means you should be sweeping the comb quickly through the hair.

Add highlights to your roots by placing the comb back to its starting point. Only rake near your scalp. Raking the rest of your hair removes the product.

Repeat steps 4 through 6 on the remaining sections of your bottom section of hair. Do not add streaks to every strand of hair, only random sections.

Release the hair on top of your head. Do not worry if it touches the bottom half of your hair. If you want, only release one section at a time.

Grab a 1/4-inch wide section of hair. Rake the comb through random sections of hair. Paint with the highlighting brush onto the comb, if necessary.

Allow the highlighter to settle into the hair during the length of time listed on the box. Rinse, shampoo and condition hair when the time is up. Dry and style hair as desired.

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