Instructions for making a wedding arch

Updated February 21, 2017

Very few decor pieces will provide you with the same visual impact as a well put together wedding arch. It can be inexpensive to make and can be customised to fit your theme and personality. If you want to add your personal touch to your wedding ceremony, the wedding arch is a great place to start.

Finding a Foundation

Many craft stores sell simple metal wedding arches anywhere from 6 or 8 foot tall for £13 to £26. If you are looking for something more decorative or distinctive, it is also easy to make your own. You can construct your arch out of three pieces of lattice, which can be purchased at any home improvement store. Purchase two long pieces for the sides and one shorter piece for the top. The top piece can then be attached with four simple screws. Another option is to purchase four poles of equal length to make the four corners of your arch and weigh them down in containers of sand.

Birchwood is a great choice for this project, but feel free to use any type of wood you like. The top of the four-post arch can be created using the fabric or flowers you will incorporate while decorating. For more intricate designs, you can always ask a handy friend or family member for assistance.

Decorating a Traditional Wedding Arch

Once you have your arch constructed, you can start the decor The first thing most brides want to do is to soften the hard edges of the arch and the best way to accomplish this is with fabric. Use a light gauzy fabric like tulle or organza, to drape the arch. Start at the centre of the arch and work your way down, allowing the fabric to pool at the base of each side. This not only adds an aesthetic quality, but it will help you hide any hardware you have added for stability. You can attach the fabric using florist wire or by simply running it in and out of the lattice.

Once you have the fabric on, you can accent it with large bows or flowers. When you add flowers try to remember the rule of three, place one grouping of flowers at the top and one grouping on either side for a balanced look.

Decorating a Rustic Arch

Consider using a heavier fabric for a more rustic approach Instead of tulle, use a canvas or muslin. Natural fibres will work best and will complement a rustic or outdoor themed wedding. Decorate your arch with apple or willow branches. Use smaller branches that can be bent into the shape of the arch and secure them with florist wire or zip ties. Accent your arch with strands of ivy or ferns or add wildflowers for a pop of colour.

Decorating a Tropical Arch

Decorate the top and sides of your arch with palm tree fronds or large tropical garlands for a tropical arch. If you are using the four-post arch, palm fronds are the perfect material to create the top of your arch. You can accent the arch using raffia or strands of brightly coloured orchids or tropical flowers. If you have anchored your posts in buckets of sand, you can use lush tropical arrangements at the base to hide them. If you would like to add fabric, use panels of white organza like the traditional arch, but instead of draping and securing the fabric allow it to hang loosely from the top so it can blow in the breeze.

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