How to Wire Calla Lilies

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Calla lilies serve as an attractive addition to a corsage, bouquet, arrangement or other floral decor or fashion piece. Preparing calla lilies for intricate craft projects often involves wiring them.

Knowing how to wire a calla lily gives you the ability to focus on the creative aspects of the projects requiring these ornamental and symbolic blossoms.

Snip the stem from the calla lily. Leave as little of the stem as possible.

Snip a length of flexible florists wire from the roll. It should measure at least 4 inches, but length will vary depending on the type of craft you are using the lily for. For example, if you're making a small corsage, you will only need about 4 inches of wire. If you are making a larger bouquet, you may need about 8 inches of wire to attach it to a florists tee.

Insert the tip of one end of the wire through the very bottom of the blossom where the stem is located. Slide the wire all the way through until it comes out evenly on the other side of the flower's stem area. Pull on the wire until an equal amount of wire protrudes from each side of the flower.

Wrap one end of the wire across one side of the blossom. Wrap the other end of the wire across the first to make a criss-cross pattern across one side of the flower. Pull the two ends back around to the other side, or backside, of the blossom and twist the ends together securely.

Wrap the bottom of the blossom with at least 3 inches of florists tape. This conceals the wire. Wrap the twisted length of protruding wire at the backside of the blossom with a length of tape as well.