Etiquette for sending flowers to a brother-in-law's funeral

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One way that someone can show sympathy for the loss of a friend or family member is by sending flowers for the funeral. Flowers are almost always appropriate; an exception being if the family requests donations in lieu of flowers.

Different flowers, arrangements, colours and sizes indicate different meanings in a funeral floral arrangement. When sending flowers to a brother-in-law's funeral, it is important to send the proper message to the family.


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Regardless of your relationship with the deceased, sending flowers is ideal to show the family and friends that you sympathise with their loss. Funeral flower arrangements are available in the form of casket sprays, wreaths and vase floral arrangements. Small sprays for inside the casket and flower gardens also make proper additions. For a brother-in-law's funeral, a small floral arrangement makes a sympathetic and economical offering.


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A simple floral arrangement in a basket or vase is ideal for the funeral of a brother-in-law. These arrangements should consist of flowers that are associated with sympathy and caring. Additionally, the arrangement should be of colours that are seasonal, favourites of the deceased or family or resemble a specific cause. For example, yellow flowers are ideal for the loss of a soldier, purple for the loss of a child or pink for someone lost to cancer.

Flower Options

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Apple blossoms send the message of better things to come. This is an ideal choice for someone who has passed due to an illness. Light pink roses display sympathy and admiration, while irises demonstrate warmth and caring. Hybrid tea roses or rosemary can be used to send the message of everlasting memory for the deceased. Red roses and chrysanthemums should be avoided, for they send the message of love from a lover, not a family member.

Sending Flowers

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Floral arrangements can be delivered to the funeral home or the home of the family. Sending arrangements to a funeral home is ideal if you wish to display sympathy for all that plan to attend the funeral. Alternatively, sending flowers to the home indicates a private sympathy message for the family.


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On any floral arrangement, you should include a tag with a sympathetic expression as well as your name. This offers additional comfort to the family and friends and helps them identify who to send thank-you cards to. Phrases of condolence can be as simple as "With Deepest Sympathy" or be more personal, such as "For the Greatest Brother In-Law. You Will Be Missed."