How to preserve calla lilies

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Calla lilies are white flowers with succulent petals, commonly used in wedding bouquets. You can preserve the colour and beauty of calla lilies by pressing them at home. Pressing your calla lilies is an inexpensive technique that you can do with materials around your house. When done properly, pressed flowers will last forever.

Place your calla lilies in a freezer until you are ready to press them. This will keep them from wilting.

Place a sheet of cardboard on a flat surface. Place a sheet of paper on top of the cardboard, and a tissue on top of the paper.

Lay your calla lily on top of the tissue. Place it in the position you want it to stay in; once it's pressed, you will be unable to change its position. When pressing multiple flowers, take care not to overlap them.

Lay another tissue, paper and piece of cardboard on top of your flower.

Place 9.07kg. worth of books on top of your flower set-up. Leave the books in place for two weeks.

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