Importance of Flower Arrangements

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Flowers are one of nature's many gifts. With their assorted hues, varied shapes and sizes, and pleasing scents, they have the power to express what words sometimes cannot, and to improve any environment in which they are placed. The expressive and environment-enhancing powers of flowers are enhanced when they are arranged together in artful displays. Flower arrangements play an important role in commemorating life's most significant moments, and in making homes and workplaces more pleasant.


Sympathy flower arrangements play an important role during the period following a death. Friends and loved ones present sympathy flower arrangements to the family members of the deceased in order to express condolences, convey grief and offer comfort. Sympathy flower arrangements are typically muted in colour and elegant in style. White calla lilies and white roses are ideal flowers for sympathy arrangements.


Flowers are one of the most significant facets of a wedding celebration. They are used to decorate the ceremony site and the reception locale, and are worn or carried by members of the wedding party. A bride's bouquet often becomes a lifelong keepsake. Wedding flowers are dictated in part by the season in which the wedding takes place, as well as the personal tastes of the bride and groom. Fragrant flowers such as gardenias and tuberoses are especially good for a wedding; because memory and smell are so interconnected, smelling those flowers in years to come will bring back the memory of the wedding day.


Birthdays, graduations, births, promotions and other celebratory occasions all warrant the presence of flower arrangements. Flower arrangements are important gifts on such occasions; they convey a sense of cheer and liveliness, and let their recipient know that he or she is well thought of. Colourful gerbera daisies and bold sunflowers are good flowers for any celebratory occasion. Traditionally, pink flower arrangements containing such flowers as pink roses or snapdragons are used to convey congratulations upon the birth of a baby girl, while blue ones containing irises or delphinium express congratulations at the birth of a baby boy.

Home D├ęcor

When placed in the home, flower arrangements can lend a soothing sense of freshness and life to the environment. Flower arrangements are important elements of many homes because they can add to a room's visual appeal while also contributing a wonderful fragrance. Flowers such as lavender can promote good sleep when placed in a bedroom, while flowers like Casablanca lilies can create a mood of luxury and extravagance in a formal dining room.

Office Setting

Flower arrangements can play an important role in making an office setting feel more inviting and pleasant. When placed on a desk, an arrangement of flowers can have a calming influence and provide a pleasing sight when taking breaks from staring at a computer or documents. Flowers are particularly beneficial in offices with few windows, or in small cubicles, because they bring a sense of nature and the outdoors into the environment. Chrysanthemums and tiger lilies are suitable flowers for an office because they are not too strongly scented.

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