Craft ideas for the parable of the two sons

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The Parable of the Two Sons (also known as the Lost or Prodigal Son) found in Luke 15:11-32 teaches that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. In the parable a son rudely demands and is given his inheritance. Squandering the inheritance in a foreign land leaves the son having to feed pigs. The son returns home, reasoning that it would be better to beg his father to accept him as a servant. The father, seeing the son from a distance, runs to meet him and celebrates his return with a great banquet. The older son expresses disgust at the reception given the prodigal son. Crafts can help children remember the messages of the Parable of the Two Sons.

Craft stick pigpen

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A craft stick pigpen requires craft sticks, glue, scissors and construction paper. Prepare in advance a template in the shape of a pig and copy the outline on a piece of pink construction paper. Discuss what wrong actions led the prodigal son to have to feed the pigs and write the actions on the craft sticks. Direct children to glue craft sticks in a square shape to create a "pigsty." Have children cut out pig and yellow paper in strips for straw. Place straw and pig inside pen.

Paper roll pig

Construction of a paper roll pig requires a toilet paper tube, glue, scissors, crayons or coloured pencils and construction paper. Using a template, have children colour a rectangle to cover the tube, head, arms and tail. Cut out the pieces and wrap rectangle around paper tube, securing it with glue. Glue head, arms and tail to the pig. You may wish to have the pig hold a paper corncob. Discuss how the prodigal son was so hungry that he desired to eat the pig's food.

Unconditional love heart

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One major theme of the Parable of the Two Sons is the father's unconditional love for his sons. The unconditional love heart craft teaches children that God loves them unconditionally. Needed supplies are red construction paper, glitter, glue and crayon or marker. Instruct children to cut a heart shape out of the construction paper; younger children may require the shape drawn on the paper first. Have children write an appropriate Bible verse or, "God loves me always," in the centre of the heart. Draw a glue border on the heart and cover with glitter.


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The versatile nature of bookmarks means they can be created out of plain paper, construction paper, card stock or even craft foam. A Parable of the Two Sons bookmark can teach children that God forgives big mistakes. Take photos of the children, or request all bring a photo of themselves. Have students cut the photo in a heart shape and glue onto the bookmark. Instruct students to write, "God will forgive me when I make a mistake," on the bookmark. Another option is to have children draw a scene from the story on the bookmark. You could even have children create a series of bookmarks about other parables or Bible stories.

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