How to attach pew decorations

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You can decorate pews to draw the eyes of your guests to the aisle of the church where the bridal processional occurs. Facilities may have regulations regarding appropriate ways to hang decorations so as not to scratch the woof of the pews.

You can implement plastic pew clips or over-the-door hangers to string tulle and garland or can use ribbon to attach flower balls or arrangements to pews.

Measure the length from the first pew to the last. Purchase enough tulle or garland to span the length from the front to the back pew on both sides of the aisle.

Clip over-the-door hangers or pew clips to the ends of every other pew so that the functional part hangs over the side of the pew that faces the aisle.

Place the tulle or garland in the first clip starting from the last row of seats. Tie the end around the clip to ensure that it will stay. Line the pews with the tulle or garland, creating peaks when the tulle or garland reaches the clip and valleys in between the clips.

Add pew bows, ribbons, flowers or wreaths to highlight your wedding colours and to cover the clips.

Purchase medium-sized styrofoam balls. Trim the stems of your flowers and leaves.

Cut one to two feet of ribbon per flower ball, depending on how low your want your flower ball to hang. Attach both ends of the ribbon using glue and pins so that the ribbon creates a hanging loop. Poke your flowers into the styrofoam ball so that they cover the entire ball, using pins to adhere the flowers to the styrofoam.

Add accent flowers to the top layer of your flower ball to match your wedding colours and add depth to the decoration. Store the flower balls in a refrigerator until one to two hours before the wedding ceremony.

Hang the ribbon loop around the pew that is next to the aisle so that the flower ball drapes over the pew facing the aisle. Place the flower balls at the end of every other pew on both sides of the aisle.