Fun Ways to Give Money Gifts

Giving cash can seem impersonal. A plain envelope is boring to give and to open, no matter how appreciated the gift may be. Presentation is key when giving money gifts to friends and family. Making a wad of bills into something fun and interesting will make the gift memorable for years to come.


Money booklets are easy to make and are more attractive and fun than sticking the cash inside a card. The bills make up the pages, and attractive cardstock is used for the cover. Small bills work best as they make the book more substantial because they give it more pages. The bills are folded in half and placed inside a piece of folded cardstock. Tying the bills inside with a piece of pretty string or ribbon will hold the book together without damaging the cash.

Another option is to make a long envelope with paper and slide the cash inside. Place it inside a purchased book as a bookmark. For example, a recent graduate will appreciate a simple recipe book with some cash hidden inside to get their first kitchen started.

Creative Money Holders

Slipping the money into a new wallet or purse will be appreciated and shows that you were thinking of the recipient instead of taking the easy way out by just giving cash. The bill can be slipped in or they can be placed inside a card first, then placed inside the purse.

Kids enjoy having their own piggy bank to watch their savings grow. Get them a new bank that has the cash inside to jump-start them on their savings. Kids' banks can be decorated with paint pens to spell out their name or further personalise it for the recipient.

Creative Presentation

Dollar bills can be rolled to resemble roses then attached to fake flower stems with florist's tape. A bouquet of cash roses is an appreciated gift that doesn't wilt. The bills can also be folded to make up the petals of larger flowers and taped together. A straight pin will turn the creation into a pretty corsage. Instructions for folding dollar bill shapes are plentiful online.

Another creative wrapping idea will keep the recipient guessing as to what their present is until they open it. Place rolled bills inside plastic Easter eggs and fill a box with them. Shaking the gift to guess the contents will be out, as the eggs rattle against each other and make guessing difficult. Use different denominations in each egg to make the opening more interesting.

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