24th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Wedding anniversaries symbolise the deep commitment couples make to each other and the lasting bond that has resulted from persevering through the good and bad times. The 24th wedding anniversary gift should be not only a reminder of the devotion you still have to your spouse but a beautiful token that will be admired and appreciated throughout the years to come. While there are not any specified traditional gifts to celebrate this event, there are modern gifts that signify the depth of the love of a couple whose marriage has survived 24 years.


According to, tanzanite, which was mined in Tanzania, Africa, for the first time in 1967, ranges in colour from lavender to deep, almost royal, blue. When purchasing tanzanite jewellery for your spouse, note that the highest quality tanzanite comes in the darker blue hues and will flash red and pink when it moves. Tanzanite is a soft stone, so everyday pieces that do not sit high on the hand, such as bezel or semi-bezel settings, should be chosen. Some 24th-anniversary tanzanite gift ideas are tanzanite-embedded watches, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, tie tacks and cuff links.

Musical Instruments

While musical instruments as 24th-anniversary gift ideas may sound unusual, consider that the instrument can take on more meaning than just a literal one. Musical instruments can be displayed, such as wind chimes hung on a porch, an antique mandolin set atop a mantle, or a shiny new miniature harp to showcase in a curio cabinet. Some other great musical gift ideas are CDs, tickets to a festival, opera, or concert, or even music lessons. A beautiful music-themed tie, scarf, shirt, or tote bag is also a great gift for a music-lover.


The abundance of precious memories and shared moments can also be the inspiration for a 24th-anniversary gift. Consider putting together a scrapbook of your time together. The scrapbook should be large enough to display a 24-year-long photo and memento display and should have a cover that you can personalise for the occasion. Begin by choosing borders and anniversary images from internet sites such as to develop the theme of your scrapbook. Then add chronological photos and personal mementos such as concert, movie, and theatre tickets, or original wedding invitations and birth announcements. You can get as creative or as sentimental as you want. A nice finishing gesture might be the words "Will you marry me all over again?" written on the last page of the scrapbook.

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