Video transcription

Hi, I'm Michael Wesiner. I'm an animator, illustrator and graphic designer, and today I'm going to show you how to draw some body parts. Let's get started. Alright guys, to begin with, when drawing our our human body parts, we're going to do two different body parts. One is of the body. So, we're going to do a line and notice how the back, where the line is actually curved, this is our human spine. So a shoulder, a waist, our bottom, our shoulder joints are going to be right here and this is our head. Then, draw out the back of it, connect and this is our human torso. Add some curves and as you can see, the spine is not straight at all. It's very curved because this is where muscle tone comes out. Whenever you stand, the human body and protrude out the chest a bit more for males and even female characters. Then when we draw out our arms we want to do one oval which is the muscle of the arm right up here, do a little ball right here, that's our elbow. Then draw out a forearm and then add a palm or a hand. Same with the next area. Now that we have that, let's start drawing out our legs. To begin with, you're going to do a line as well and this is our side view, draw down, stop, do a little curve right here. Then you draw a little circle for the ball and socket joint of the foot. And then add our knee right here. And as you can see, I drew a line right here which creates the calf leg of the leg and then this is our thigh. So, that's pretty much how you draw a human from the side, and now we start drawing out another part, add our ankles, heel, the foot and that's how you do it. And that's how you draw body parts. Hope you enjoyed. I'll see you next time.