Hi I'm Tara Pollak, physical therapist at "Evolution Physical Therapy" and I'm here to tell you how to treat a pulled leg muscle, specifically the quad muscle, the muscle that's in the front of the thigh. This muscle is commonly pulled in different sporting events like basketball or football and what you want to do is immediately apply ice to the area after the injury. That's going to help control swelling and pain immediately, a minimum of ten minutes, a maximum of 20 minutes. You can also take any over-the-counter anti-inflammatory as directed on the bottle. Also you might want to seek the advice of a skilled physical therapist so that it can help you with different exercises to help heal this injury. So after the acute episode of pain we want to apply a little bit of a stretch to the quad muscle. Now to do this I have Shonte standing and she's going to grab her heel behind her, good, pointing her knee down towards the floor. What this does is help to stretch the fibers in the front of the quad and the front of the thigh. After a pulled muscle we want to make sure we initiate stretching as early as possible so that you don't prolong your healing time. But if you do have any pain when you do this, you want to make sure that you stop immediately and seek the advice of a skilled physical therapist so that they can help you heal appropriately. I'm Tara and this is how to heal a pulled leg muscle.