Hi I'm Amelia and I'm going to talk to you about growing your hair long fast. Hair grows about an average of a half inch a month so you figure in six months you will get three inches, that's about it. Some people grow faster and some people grow slower but that's the average. When you are under a lot of stress you tend to lose more hair so if you notice that you are going through a lot of stressful things in your life you might want to up your B vitamins, something called Biotin and that is a B vitamin that has been shown to help nails grow so if nails grow faster then the hair should in effect grow faster as well so you can start taking Biotin. A lot of women will start taking prenatal vitamins. There can be a problem with that because they are actually giving too much to the body so your body can't absorb everything and people think that their hair grows faster when they are on prenatals. The fact is it is not their hair growing faster the fact is that all the stasis stops in your hair, all the different phases that your hair goes through actually stops so your hair tends to thicken up and grow a little bit faster or seem to grow faster. It seems like you just have more hair when you are pregnant but as soon as that baby comes out and everything goes back to normal you notice that hair starts to fall out so it is really only a temporary solution. So really what you want to make sure that you do is watch your stress level, eat properly, take vitamins, take good care of yourself, exercise, all that good stuff and do get regular trims. Now when you cut your hair it doesn't grow any faster but what it does do is the hair that is on your head it is healthier because just like a string this hair unravels and can continue to unravel all the way up so when your hair gets long if you want it to be nice silky and beautiful, make sure that you keep it trimmed and healthy. So try the Biotin, sleep well, eat well, and watch your stress level and that's how you get healthy hair to grow long.