Video transcription

Hi, my name's Chris Noble. I'm an independent IT consultant and professional photographer. My website is This is a short warning on how to permanently clear Internet history. Things you'll need for this are, a computer and an Internet history you'd lie to remove. Just be aware when you're clearing your Internet history that you may clear all of the cookies from your computer as well, depending on which browser you're using. Now, deleting our cookies will mean hat when you go back to websites that know who you are, they may no longer know who are. So, you're going to have o re-enter all of your details, which can be quite tie consuming and cumbersome if you access a lot of websites. So, just bear that in mind. Step one is to decide which browser you're using and which browser you want to clear the Internet history from. On my computer, I use Safari and Firefox, generally for different things. So, if I wanted to clear the Internet on Firefox, I'll go ahead in step one, and open Firefox. Step two, is to click the tools menu and clear private data or clear Internet history. This will give you the option to clear everything from your Internet history or just the last hour, just the last day, or just the last week. If you want to clear everything select everything and hit, clear now. Again, a word of warning, this cannot be undone and you'll lose all of your Internet history and potentially your cookies as well. My name's Chris Noble. Thanks for watching this video.