What are the advantages of using a computer for research?

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Computers have revolutionised how people gather information. The ability to store organised, neat notes on a safe computer hard drive coupled with access to the World Wide Web and its millions on websites makes using a computer for research an optimal choice for the savvy person.


There is a wealth of information online about everything you could possibly imagine. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo can direct you to relevant information in seconds. Some websites can provide detailed statistics and facts about your research subject, providing you with hard evidence. Other sources on the web can provide expert opinions on subjects that can give your piece a different critical viewpoint and form new arguments that you might not have thought of. Take care to confirm what you are reading is accurate before trusting it as fact.

Quick Communication

It is now easier than ever to communicate. E-mail is available to everyone, with those who are serious about an online presence usually advertising their own personal contact somewhere on the web. If you need to get in touch with someone who you would like to quote or ask a question, sending an e-mail is fast and unintrusive. If you prefer to contact a person by phone or U.S. mail, it is easy to use the Internet to find appropriate contact information.


“The dog ate my homework” is the oldest excuse in the book. With computers you can keep your work secure and digital, meaning there is no paper to lose or get damaged. It also means that you can back up your work, giving you an extra copy just in case. You can password protect your computer so that only you can access your private documents.

Easy to Record

Word processors are fantastic when it comes to logging your findings. As well as being quicker, easier and neater to edit than fumbling around with pen and paper, it is easier to archive. You can store your work in specified, organised folders on your hard drive. Other relevant documents and resources can be kept in the same place to keep all of your information together.

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