How to unlock a BT hub

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If you want to use your BT Home hub on any United Kindgom ISP, you'll have to unlock the BT hub to get the Thomson SpeedTouch firmware, which has more features. The BT Home Hub unlock works only with the 1.0 version, as unlock steps for newer versions have not been released yet to UK residents.

All you need is an Ethernet cable and the BT Home Hub firmware to get started.

Plug the BT home hub into the Ethernet socket of your computer using a patch cable.

Disconnect or disable your antivirus and firewall software. Click "Start" and "Programs" and look for your antivirus and firewall programs from the list displayed.

Click "Start" and click "Network Connections" and Local Area Connection" to give your network adaptor a static IP address.

Click "Properties" and select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)."

Select "Use the Following IP Address." Type in "" in the IP address box.

Type "255.2555.255.0" in the Subnet mask box and "" in the default gateway box.

Select "Use the Following DNS Server Addresses." Type "" under "Preferred Server."

Click "OK" and "Save Changes."

Run the BT Recovery firmware that comes with the BT hub. Right-click to extract the ZIP folder and click "Next" when it launches. The recovery tool will take a few moments to search for your BT hub. Wait for the firmware to install to your BT home hub and click "Finish."

Double-click the "BANT-7_R619WWsip_upgrade.exe" file from the extracted ZIP folder and click "OK."

Click "Next" and wait for the SpeedTouch Upgrade Wizard to find the home hub. Click "Next."

Enter "Admin" in the username box and "Admin" in the password box. The Software Image box should appear in the SpeedTouch Upgrade Wizard.

Click "Have Disk" and select "Browse." Open the file "ZZN1AA6.196.bli" from the directory.

Click "Open" and select "OK" and "Next."

Check the "Yes, I am Sure" box and click "Next."

Enter "Administrator" as the user name and leave the password blank. Click "OK" and "Finish."

Go to your web browser and enter a website address. You will see the SpeedTouch Residential gateway page. Click "Set Up My SpeedTouch."

Click "Next" and follow the installation wizard guides to set up your Internet. You have now unlocked your BT home hub.