How to Configure the IP Address on a HP Laserjet 1022N

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Laser printers like the HP Laserjet 1022N are widely used by businesses, and business owners can make those printers even more useful by setting them up as network printers. Once the printer is networked, it can be shared by many different users, eliminating the hassle--and the expense--involved with giving everyone his own personal printer. But before that printer is live on the network, the network administrator must assign the 1022N a valid IP address.

Press and hold the "On/Off" button on the Laserjet 1022N printer. Wait for the LED to start blinking, then release the button.

Wait for the self-test page to print and find the IP address listed on the form. The factory assigned IP address will probably start with 169.

Log on to a computer on your network and open your internet browser. Type the IP address from the self-test page into the address bar.

Click on the "Networking" tab and assign the printer an IP address. Go back to the printer, hold the "On/Off" button down and wait for the new self-test page to print. Verify that the test page shows the new IP address.

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