How to Reset the Garmin Nuvi 310

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The Garmin Nuvi 310 is an in-car or on-foot GPS navigator developed specifically for use in Europe. The Nuvi 310 is designed to provide entertainment as well as directions and can play music, display pictures and even read audio books. The device also comes with built-in travellers tools such as world clock with different time zones, currency converter and measurement converter. There are two different ways to reset the Nuvi 310, one that erases all data and one that erases certain all or selected settings.

Press and hold the "Power" button located on the top right corner of the Nuvi 310.

Touch the button labelled "Settings" once your Nuvi 310 has powered on.

Press "Restore" to restore all of your settings back to their original state. You can reset settings for an individual category by pressing the "Restore" button on that page.

Turn the Nuvi off by holding the "Power" button down until the screen goes blank.

Press and hold the top right corner of the screen while simultaneously pressing the "Power" button to turn the Nuvi 310 back on.

Press "Yes" when prompted to delete all of your user data. This should be the first message you see when the device is powered-on. If this message does not pop up repeat Steps One and Two again.

Set-up your Nuvi 310 again after its reset. The device will be reset back to its factory state, which means that you will have to re-input all of your settings and information.

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