How to Update Your Navman GPS

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The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said that the only constant is change. Today, new roads are being constructed throughout the world on a daily basis.

While GPS devices, such as the Navman, can help us navigate to our destinations using turn-by-turn directions, they must also be updated to include new roads and routes. In order to get the most up-do-date GPS experience from your Navman, you'll have to update it occasionally to keep up with the constant change.

Power on your Navman GPS and connect it to your computer via the USB data cable that came with it.

Navigate to the "Start" menu on your computer, followed by "All Programs" and then double-click the NavDesk icon to open your NavDesk software. Download any updates at this point if you are prompted to do so.

Visit, which is listed in the Resources section below, and click the "Downloadable Mapping" link. Choose the model of GPS you have, and select the country for which you want to download the maps. Click "Purchase" to buy the maps. After downloading the maps, save the files to "Documents/My Maps."

Navigate back to your NavDesk application and click the "My Maps" link, located in the left column of the window. This will cause a panel to appear in the right-hand side of the NavDesk window that says "My Navman" and contains maps that you already have. Select the map that you are replacing, and click "Remove Maps." When a pop-up dialogue box appears asking if you are sure you want to delete the maps, click "Yes" to confirm.

Click the "My Navman" tab in the left column of the NavDesk window, then click the "Activation" link. Enter the product key that was sent to you by e-mail when you purchased your new maps. Click "Continue" to activate the maps, and click "Finish" when you are notified that the activation has been completed.

Click the "My Maps" link in the left-hand column of the NavDesk window. Highlight the map that you downloaded in a previous step and click "Open." A panel should appear in the right-hand side of the NavDesk window that says "Map Source." The new maps that are unlocked and ready to install will have a yellow dot next to them. Check the boxes next to these maps, and click the "Install Maps" button.

Click "Transfer Now" when a pop-up dialogue box appears, prompting you to transfer the maps to your GPS. Click "Close" when a notification appears, telling you that the that the installation has been completed.

Click the "My Subscriptions" link located in the left-hand side of the NavDesk window, and click the "Recover Subscriptions" button at the bottom of the right-hand side of the window. Your maps are now successfully transferred to your Navman GPS. You can disconnect your Navman from your computer and begin using it on the road again.