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Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images is a pornography website that could come up through a simple typo in an online search, possibly making your computer vulnerable to viruses and unwanted pop-up ads. You can block it from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome using a few steps and security measures.

Open your browser. Click on "Tools" and "Internet Options."

Click the "Privacy" tab. Under this window, click "Sites." Type in the web address you wish to block. In this case, Click "OK."

Type the address into a new browser window to ensure that the website is blocked.

Open your browser window and click "Tools." From this menu, choose "Add-Ons" and click "Get Add-Ons."

Select the option "Browse All Add-Ons" and find "Blocksite." You may also type this into the add-on search bar to find it more quickly.

Install the blocksite into the search bar of Firefox. Continue to block by clicking on "blocksite" and following the specific directions.

Open your browser and find the small wrench icon in the upper right corner.

Click on "Tools" and then click "Under the Hood." Select "Change Proxy Settings."

Click on Security and then select "Restricted Sites." Double-click on this and type in the name of the website you wish to block.

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