How to Stop Sites From Redirecting

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While browsing the Internet, websites may at times redirect you to another page, which is sometimes to an unwanted site (which may have viruses or spam). Stopping your web browser from allowing sites to redirect is possible with just a few minutes' worth of work, and does not require extensive computer or programming knowledge.

Open Firefox and click the "Tools" toolbar link.

Choose "Options" > "Advanced" and locate the "Accessibility" button beneath the "General" window tab.

Locate the text "Warn me when websites try to redirect or load the page" and press the check mark next to it. Click "OK" to save the settings to your browser. Each time you visit a website with a redirect using Firefox, you will be given a warning or confirmation before the website is allowed to pursue its action.

Open Internet Explorer and choose the "Tools" link from the main navigation toolbar.

Choose "Internet Options" > "Security" when the window appears. Set the security to "High" by using the slider within the "Security Level for this Zone" window. This will prevent IE (Internet Explorer) from using ActiveX when browsing websites, which will help to stop all redirects, keeping your computer safer from harmful spyware or viruses.

Find and click the "Trusted Sites" tab within the same Internet Explorer options window and add websites that you frequent and trust in order to prevent any restrictions or blocks on the website when browsing.

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