Video transcription

My name is Rodney with A-Team Services and on this video we're going to be talking about ventilation systems. The ventilation system is basically the duct work that's attach to your heating or air conditioning system. This ventilation system is run throughout, throughout your entire home with supplies and return vents. These supply and return vents are on each individual parts of your home. You're going to have a supply and return in your bedrooms, in your living rooms. When checking your ventilation system, the main thing that you want to find out is that if you have air gaps. A lot of people will go up into their attics or into their basements or crawl spaces and they'll check if that work to see if it's actually come loose from the panel boxes. The best way to do is just feel air around the vents. If you can feel coming air around the vents, that means you do have a leak. The main reason why most people call it the heating or air contractors because they're not getting air out of one of their rooms. Several things that we do to check your duct work is that we can actually take cameras. Cameras can actually go inside your duct work so we can see if any of the dock ports have actually come apart or if it's actually dirty. The couple things that you want to make sure that's going on with your ventilation is to make sure that you have no air gasps and other ducts that come off. The other thing you'll also want to check is to make sure that it's clean. In cleaning duct work, we basically use a what we call a duct cleaning machine. A duct cleaning machine is a filtration system with vents that are actually attach to it and what we send is an Air Wick into the duct system and as it whips around, heating the duct work from back and forth, the air is thrown back to this air purification in which captures off all dirt and dust to make sure that your vents are clean. Some ventilation can be repaired by the homeowner. The reality is that most homeowners don't know how to put it together properly. By calling your local heating and air contractor, he can install it; make sure that it's installed properly to make sure that you're not going to have any issues with it later on down the road.