In this video, I'm going to show you how to install new hard drive in your laptop. Now not all laptops are the same. But they're all similar. You turn it upside down and you locate where ever your hard rive goes. And it has a little symbol on it, that looks like this. Right here. The thing is you're going to need a very small set of screw drivers. Which I just happen to have. Don't use a kitchen knife or a steak knife or anything you know, that might fit. Because you could chew things up, break things. And then you're really going to be in trouble. Go and spent a couple dollars on some screw drivers. You'll have them forever and they will come in handy. So we have the old drive out now. You know, there's a lot of reasons why you'll upgrade a hard drive. You might want some more space. You'll always might have fried. You don't want to trash your computer. So therefore, you just get a new drive. Now when you get the drive out, it is in a caddy. This is called a hard drive caddy. Take all the screws out. And remove the old hard drive. Then you're going to mount the new hard drive in the caddy. Just how the old one was in there. Take the screws, screw it back in. Just like that. Drop it in the slot. Till it's nice and snug. Put the screws back in your hard drive. In there. Voil?, that easy. Turn your computer on. And you're going to need some formatting discs.