Video transcription

Inevitably, in every interview there's going to be a difficult question. Maybe there's several questions and, and then you have to pay attention to how exactly you handle that question. A one common question that I, I know that people struggle with is this the question of, "Tell me some strengths and then tell me some weaknesses." Usually people don't, who are interview, interviewees don't tend to struggle with the strengths because inherently we, we are very capable of telling what we're good at and what we can do. We, we tend to struggle with what we are not good at because you don't want to; you obviously don't want to come right out and say your worst trait and completely turn off the hiring manager. But then again you; on the other side you'll also have to; you want to be honest and you want to be straight forward because thing like that is going to benefit you. Handling this question is, is, it can be difficult but what you, what you want to do for your weakness that you provide; again, not coming right out with something that possibly or potentially could turn off the hiring manager. But you do want to be honest. For instance, maybe you like, being punctual. You want to be honest and you want to say, "A difficulty of mine is I have a, I have a problem being punctual." I will suggest not leaving it at that however. Kind of spin it a little bit and, and explain a little bit about what measures maybe you have taken to actually correct these weakness of yours. So rather than saying, "I have a problem being punctual" and that's it; you could continue and say, "I do have a problem being punctual but I have utilized a certain pieces of technology to assist me." For instance, "I have a BlackBerry and my BlackBerry helps me organize every event that I have and it reminds me when I have events and things are coming up and so and I can view it everyday, every morning when I wake up and so, that coupled with my normal memory and my normal ability to be able to, to remember things and to be on time. Together I'm able to, to accomplish being on time and being punctual." So being able to spin a question like that is going to be beneficial. Other questions, initial questions sometimes stun people. When the hiring manager asks, "Tell me a little bit about yourself." People tend to either not know where to begin or they tend to not know where to end and they will go on and on and on and so it's, it's essential to expect your first question to be something along the lines above, a background question.