Hi I'm Sue Walker and I'm going to show you an easy crockpot potato soup recipe. The ingredients are one half cup of butter, one cup of diced celery, one half cup of chopped onion, six cups of cubed potatoes, one half cup of flour, one half cup of cooked, bacon bits, three cups of chicken broth and four cups of cream. The first thing you do is take your butter, your diced celery and your chopped onion, place it in a pan and saute until the vegetables are tender. After your vegetables are sauteed, pour them into your crockpot. Now you add your potatoes and your bacon bits. Then take the half cup of flour and mix into your ingredients and mix it thoroughly. Then add your chicken broth and place the cover on your crockpot. Turn your crockpot on to high and let cook for four to six hours until your potatoes are tender. When your potatoes are tender, now you can add your cream, stir it in and heat through. And, that is an easy crockpot potato soup recipe.