My name is Lauren and I'm going to discuss popular seventies hairstyles. A lot of trends from the seventies are coming back today and one of them being longer hair. A lot of women are doing a bit of a longer hairstyle. One popular seventies trend that's coming back is the Fringe bang, that very heavy bang that is coming to about your eyebrows and then u-ing itself around to the face and then elongating itself over here, plus a little bit softness around the face. It's very, it's not so much angled towards your face anymore where it would come up here like that Jennifer Aniston. It's longer, and if there are any angles, then there would be angles more towards down here so that way it gives that very bang, and then kind of straight down look. It almost squares the face out, but in a very complimentary way for most face shapes. Another look that is really great that's coming back is for boys for the seventies hair, it's that long, layered haircut. Very tousled, just kind of get your hair, get out of bed, shake your head and run. Very tousled hair, very layered, textured and it's just kind of very easy. So, those are just two styles that are coming back from the seventies and that you will be seeing around, so that's seventy hairstyles.