Hello, I am Statia Widak and I am from Plainsfield, Massachusetts and I love collecting glass it is my hobby and I am here on behalf of Expert Village. I have over a hundred thousand pieces and different manufacturers and which I know there were over a hundred different manufacturers from the period of 1900 to the year 2000. They started very nonchalantly because a girlfriend of mine told me to stop at a yard sale and I did and that was the first time in my life and that was over ten years ago. I always loved glass and dishes; they were always a favorite of mine. Now this would be one piece, something like this, it’s made by Westmoreland and it is probably a hundred years old and it is an American, I did find it up and looked in a book by Gene and Kathy Florence and they figure it is over a hundred years old. Here is a Blenko, Blenko glass, that would be in the fifties, it was very popular. It is a squeeze bottle. Here is something that is just the juice pitcher right here and in the forties and sixties we used to use this as juice pitchers. I have books that, different books on glass and it would show designs and I would fall in love with it such that it, this here, another little glass, a brazing shield is the pattern on it and that was made by Columbia Glass in 1905. Then I have another little tiny one, some I pick up big, little whatever, as long as they have got the feel this has a beautiful feel to it, it’s got like clover, a four leaf clover and it’s unusual, I look for unusual glass too, color, I love color. Today we, I don’t see as much as I used to, but most of these pieces were picked up from around the area which is Plainsville, Mansfield, Rathra, right now, of course people throw all their junk away, it is not junk, it is just beautiful but they just discard it. If they are smart they get in touch with an antique dealer who comes to the house and he can sell the glass for money.