HI, my name is Lauren and today I'm here to discuss how to French braid short hair. If you don't have the length in order to really create one French braid, you do have other options. Unfortunately, if your hair is very layered and very short, doing one French braid down the hair may actually not work for you because you have too many fly aways and too many pieces hanging out. You will not have the tension within your braid in order to hold your braid for the remainder of the day. You do have options that with shorter hair. What I recommend is doing two French braids so that way you don't have to worry about those shorter pieces going all the way to the back of your, your head. Once you split your hair into two sections, you then going to split your, the, cross split into one section and you want to make a little bit on the smaller side so I'm going to cut that in half. Then you want to three sections of that smaller section and you're going to start French braiding. French braiding is an under process, you go underneath the hair that you're suppose to go to. You're then going to grab more hair and combine it with the other hair that you have so that way, you slowly bring all of your hair up. With each strand that you take, you're going to integrate more hair into your French braid and therefore make it a little bit; number one, it's going to wind it becoming thicker, but it's also going to help get the rest of the hair out of your face. And that is how to French braid short hair.