One of the best lures for salmon whether trolling or casting from a fixed position are spoons like these. You're going to want to have them in a variations of sizes and colors regardless of where you're fishing, especially when the salmon are actively feeding on bait fish in the wash on the west coast, they really aggressively attack spoons that are fished high in the water column and quickly. When the salmon make their runs up the river and they're no longer feeding, they'll still aggressively attack spoons like these so they make them a great option to have whether you're salmon fishing from a boat or from shore or in the river or in the open ocean, you'll also be able to have a good chance of success with spoons like these. Another type of lure you might want to consider for salmon is a nice swimming plug something like this. A lot of times when the spoons aren't working, salmon will be hitting plugs like this. Both in the surf on the open ocean and up in the rivers, plug, a swimming plug like this with a medium lip that'll dive to a depth of about 3 to 5 feet will work great.