Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert, and there's nothing more frustrating than putting in your favorite CD whether it be dubbed or an original copy and it's scratched, and it skips, and it drives you nuts. In fact you're putting it in there because you want to dub it over to your MP3 player iPod so it never happens again but you can't get it arghhh. Okay, I'm going to give you some advice and some tips and tricks on how to repair those scratches. The first and easiest must be addressed, it's go get a CD DVD scratch repair kit. All right, basically what it usually is is a two part system, one which is to clean it, it's always a good idea, and the other is is to actually fill in - its coded in plastic - and fill in some of the grooves that are created by a scratch, so if you imagine the scratch, taking your finger in the sand, well you've made up - you've dragged the sand around. Now we need to cover that hole up with the sand, well that's what's happening. It's basically little bits of the liquid version of what the other side of the plastic is made from from a CD. Okay. And it usually comes with a different type of a kit where it's got a little motorized thing and it polishes and whatnot. That's a good way, it's usually about twenty to thirty dollars. If you don't have that, one of your best ways to do it or to begin to see if you need to take that step is to get a lint free cloth. Now, unlike cleaning other things you do not want to use circular motions, do not. You want to drag it across the disc in one direction, because a CD or DVD is very much like a record, if you think of it being spiraled out from the center. You start to put other spirals in there, that you're actually creating some micro scratches and a laser won't be able to track. The laser is very, very analogous to the needle on a standard phono. Okay. So we're going to push this out over here, they do have some cheaper ones where you can go ahead and it's got a little bit of that liquid stuff and you can go and start to put it in and start to fill in the scratches there. If not you go with the commercial version of it. In an emergency situation if it's a - if it's a - you absolutely have to get it there you can search on the net, there are some emergency CD repair companies that specialize in this you will pay for it, but you didn't pay for this. Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying stream you later.