Pumpkin Chai Spice Smoothie

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Louisa Shafia, on, and today I'm going to show you how to make a pumpkin chai smoothie. Let's get started. Here is some pumpkin that I roasted off. I roasted it with a little bit of salt and olive oil because I was using it for something else but you can always use the leftovers of roasted squash for anything you want. So I'm starting out by putting my delicious naturally sweet pumpkin into the blender and you can be really creative with this. You can add whatever you would put into a smoothie. I'm going to put a little bit of ground cinnamon. I've got some ground nutmeg and these are all really classic chai spices and these are very warming for Winter and some cardamom. Um, that smells so good. It smells like flowers, it smells like pepper. I'm going to put a little bit of honey in here to sweeten it. You can use whatever sweetener you like. I might use maple syrup, that would be good and a dash of vanilla will really make this. Okay just a little bit. I'm going to put in some milk. This will give it richness. If you want to use almond milk, that's great, any kind of milk you like, soy milk will be fine. And a little bit of ice. So this is really something that I would have probably for breakfast and this is a really big meal. It's very satisfying because you've got the vegetables in there. Alright and now I'm going to blend. This looks great. Let's see how it tastes. It's got this beautiful natural orange color. I love that. Um, smells like chai. Oh my God, that is delicious. It's rich, it's almost coconuty. Um, I hope I've given you one more inspiring idea for what to do with Winter squash. I hope to see you again next time here on

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