Video transcription

Woo, Woo, oh hi, today we're going to tell you, woo, how to fix an upside down compute screen. Why do you keep asking me questions, I don't know these answers. How to fix an upside down computer screen, well it's quite a complicated procedure that is going to require a complete hardware realigniation and correct pin out capology. Now look, it's not quite that easy but it's not quite that complicated either. Well if it's upside down of course the easiest way would be just to turn it right side up but with todays monitors, especially flat paneled monitors they have the ability to rotate that screen and this is very helpful in case you would like to turn your monitor and see something long ways. You are able to rotate the image up to 360 degrees. However if you should come in and find that your image is upside down, typically it is a very easy process of going to your control panels or your system preferences, selecting the display and look for the selection that says rotate. Here you'll see that you can actually rotate your screen 90, 180, or 270 degrees. It should be a simple matter of actually just selecting the rotation that you want, notice now that I have rotated the image 90 degrees and I can turn my flat panel monitor 90 degrees and see my documents lengthwise. On older CRT monitors it is very rare but still occasionally you'll find one that has an upside down image. Typically a pin in the cable has become dislodged or broken off and this might be the very pin that sends information to orient the screen. Typically the way to fix this is to simply buy a new cable. On the worst of occasions you might need a new graphics card. However, over the past few years this has become almost completely nonexistent as a problem in the computer world. So if you come in some day and you've got an upside down screen and it's not you or the monitor that is upside down, hey look in the control panels or the system preferences and very likely you are going to find one small adjustment that is going to allow you with one click to put the image right side up again. But hey, don't take my word for it, read the flippin' manual.